Choice Wood Inc is in the Wood Preserving industry in Fitzgerald, GA.

209 Glenn Bass Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 424-0091
Colony Cargo

Colony Cargo, home of the ALL TUBE FRAME TRAILER and one of the nations largest internet dealers of enclosed cargo trailers.

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681 Benjamin Hill Dr
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 409-0800

Located in Fitzgerald, Ga., Enviro-Log is one of the oldest companies in eastern United States to recycle waxed old corrugated cardboard used to transport fresh produce to market. The company converts waxed old corrugated cardboard into firelogs and other products that offer customers various features. It provides firelogs for wood stoves, chimneys, cooking, camping activities and petroleum additives. Enviro-Log offers its products in stacks, such as firewood. The company s products are also used for heating and recreational purposes. It provides sawdust and petroleum waste wax-based firelogs with chemicals for colored flames and seeds for crackling. The company offers an online option to order firelogs.

200 Ocilla Hwy
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-7233
Golden Boy

At Golden Boy, Fitzgerald Division, we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the production of peanut butter for national brands, private label retail and industrial markets. In addition, we provide services for the commercial peanut industry such as blanching, cleaning and sorting.

155 Rip Wiley Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-6301
Kampco Services of GA

Steel and Aluminum Fabrication

We help you solve your fabrication needs

Cutting - Bending - Stretching - Welding

257 Rip Wiley Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 424-0298
Lippert Components

Lippert Components is the world’s leading supplier of highly engineered products for the leisure and mobile transportation industries.

160 Oriole Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-7884
Mana Nutrition

MANA is a ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) composed of peanut paste, milk and a special mix of vitamins and minerals. Carefully formulated to meet a child’s basic nutritional needs, MANA gives the world’s most at-risk kids the boost they need to return to good health.

189 Seaboard Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-8700
Modern Dispersions South, Inc. (MDI)

Modern Dispersions, Incorporated (MDI) is a thermoplastics compounder and masterbatch manufacturer. MDI is known for providing the best value and highest quality carbon black masterbatches in the market. MDI also specializes in conductive concentrates and compounds, wood polymer composites and a wide variety of color, specialty and additive products, engineered to meet your needs.

302 Ed Ward Road
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-9141
Polar Beverages Southern Bottling

Today, Polar Beverages Incorporated is the largest independent bottling company in the United States, comprised of their own brands – including Polar Seltzer, Adirondack, Clear & Sparkling, O Water and Frannie’s – along with strong brand partnerships for bottling, private-label manufacturing and distribution for both regional and national brand partners. Today Polar Beverages produces and distributes from three locations, Worcester, Massachusetts; Albany, New York; and Fitzgerald, Georgia.

255 Jacksonville Hwy
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-0237

Protein Plus, LLC is a leading producer of all natural peanut-based protein products for the health and fitness, food and confectionery industries.

129 Kings Borough Rd
Fitzgerald, GA 31750
(229) 423-5528