The Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Co. Chamber of Commerce is a form of business network, a local organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses.


The Fitzgerald-Ben Hill Co. Chamber of Commerce is proud to have each and every one of our Members. Each Chamber member is treated equally no matter if you are a local member or out of town member.


The Chamber also supports its members by referring them to potential customers. Many visitors and newcomers to the area contact the Chamber to find out where to get their oil changed, where to bank, where to eat, etc. The Chamber only refers its members.



If the Chamber has two or more of the same type businesses, organization, hospital and etc. we recommend all of them we do not pick one above the other and recommend only that member.


When a member pays their dues they are an active member and part of the Chamber. From time to time we do get members from other communities and we welcome them as part of our Chamber. Being a member of the Chamber entitles any member to be part of our website, Friday News, membership directory and any publication that the Chamber may have. It also entitles any member to sponsor their business, organization and etc. on maps, magazines ,etc.


As a Chamber we are here for all members to serve them to the best of our abilities.


If you have any concern or recommendations we are always willing to hear. The Chamber has an “Open Door Policy.”


Our Chamber members are the Chamber and we are proud to work for our members.